How to Make $100 From a Medium Article

Have you ever dreamed of turning your writing into a steady stream of income? Here’s my honest guide to making that dream a reality on Medium.

Sana Uqaili


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The rise of digital platforms has transformed the landscape for writers worldwide, offering new avenues to share insights and stories.

Medium stands out as a beacon for writers aspiring to monetize their craft.

If you’re on a quest to transform your writing passion into a source of income, here’s a guide to navigating your way to making $100 from an article on Medium.

Crafting Quality Content: A Deep Dive

Creating standout content on Medium is more than just sharing information; it’s about crafting stories that speak directly to the heart of your audience.

Exceptional articles are those that enlighten, entertain, and add value, making readers come back for more.

To achieve this, do the following.

Choose Topics with Passion and Insight

Start with subjects you’re deeply interested in.

This passion translates into more engaging, authentic content.

If you have unique insights or experiences, share them.

Your fresh perspective can set your articles apart from the rest.

Invest in Your Introduction

The beginning of your article is crucial.

It’s your first (and sometimes only) chance to grab the reader’s attention.

Spend time crafting an opening that’s compelling and promises value.

Ask a question, share a surprising fact, or start with a captivating story.

Focus on Quality and Research

Ensure your content is well-researched and factual.

High-quality content is more likely to be viewed, shared, and appreciated, leading to greater earnings.

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