Maximizing Your Medium Earnings: Personal Tips for Writers

Wondering why your Medium stories aren’t bringing in the cash? Dive into my personal journey and discover tips that could turn your writing into a rewarding adventure.

Sana Uqaili


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Ever thought about making some extra cash by sharing your stories on Medium?

It’s a cool place for writers like us to not only share our thoughts but maybe even make a bit of money.

But, let me tell you, it’s not as simple as just writing and waiting for the cash to roll in.

You’ve got to have a plan, be ready to switch things up, and keep at it regularly.

Let me break down what I’ve learned about earning on Medium and share some tips that might help you succeed.

Is Making Money on Medium Easy?

Let’s get real about making money on Medium — it’s not a walk in the park.

The amount you can earn swings wildly.

I’ve seen some writers rake in a decent sum each month, sharing stories that hit the right chord with readers.

Yet, for every success story, there’s someone struggling to see even a tiny bit of that success.

It’s a mix of talent, timing, and sometimes, just plain luck.

What Works on Medium?

If you’re aiming to catch the eye of readers on Medium, you’ll need a plan that’s both simple and clever.

Articles packed with tips or guidance, especially those that neatly lay everything out in a list, are golden.

Why? Because they’re super easy for readers to skim through and still get something valuable.

Plus, they tend to pop up more in searches, giving your work a better shot at being seen.

Stay on Top of Trends

Medium’s landscape is always shifting. What’s hot one day might be forgotten the next.

Keeping a pulse on the latest trends and reader interests is crucial.



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